Commercial Automatic Pierogi & Dumpling Production Machine / Food Forming Machine with Turntable, Attachments - Recipes, Training & Support additional

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This Pierogi dumpling machine is made in Warsaw, Poland. You can produce 440lb or about 6700 pierogi an hour assuming you don't stop!! We on average produced about 1000 per hour. We will help you get started with how the machine operates, provide a manual. You can call us anytime, and the manufacturer is available for service. Best recipes/ratios/consistency for filling and dough or additional consulting would be extra.

The Food Forming Machine is designed to produce pierogies (dumplings), noodles, diamond-shaped potato dumplings (kopytka) and other convenience foods (like ravioli, meatballs, meat patties/hamburgers/cutlets, silesian dumplings, potato dumplings (pyzy), stuffed potato dumplings, and potato pancake maker). The machine handles the dough, filling, and crimping so you get a high quality/hand-made looking product.  We have also installed a manufacturer-fabricated dough cooling system that circulates cold water around the internal auger/extruder to keep the dough and filling nice and cold/firm. We also have key spare parts that we have purchased for the auger and filling mechanism. You get a lovely turntable that helps speed up production and move the product as it comes off the belt/crimper.

The machine can work with various attachments purchased separately from the manufacturer that change the size, weight, and shape of the dumpling crimp. This unit comes with 3 attachments/crimps for Pierogi dumplings (1. producing 9-10g small size dumplings with a flat crim. 2. producing 15-35g standard size dumplings with a flat crimp and 3) a home-made, finger-like crimp pattern).


Installed motor power: 1,1 kW
Supply voltage: 230 VAC, Three Phase
Dimensions (length/width/height) (cm) 90/55/161  (inches: 35/22/63)
Weight: machine 125 kg (275lb) + attachment approx. 15kg (33lb)