Baskiss Soda Siphon Maker, 1 Liter, Making Carbonated Soda Sparking Water for Juice Drinks Cocktail

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  • Baskiss Soda siphon is made of solid aluminum and interior is lined with edible epoxy resin to prevent soda water away from aluminum.
  • It will fit any kind of 8g CO2 cartridges(NOT INCLUDED). Easy to use and ultimately a money safer over buying bottled soda water.
  • Away from drinking too much carbonate beverages with sugar and additive outside, you could make your own healthy flavored soda water or juices at home. Also, soda water will keep you hydrated, aid digestion and increase productivity.
  • Just add a 8g CO2 cartridges into the charging holder and shake. ONLY carbonate water with CO2 cartridges in this soda siphon.
  • Please read the user instructions and safety cautions before you use it. CO2 cartridge is NOT included in the package.